At this time we are optimistic the Alberta Livestock Expo will proceed this October.  If it becomes clear we will not be able to proceed with the show this Fall as planned, we will reimburse all exhibition fees and sponsorships.  

Our Exhibitor portal will be updated and made accessible to past Exhibitors and Sponsors for priority registration beginning June 1, 2022.  General registration will open June 15, 2022.

If you have exhibited at, or sponsored the Alberta Livestock Expo in past years, we will be sending email announcements to the person at your organization with whom we last communicated.  If your contact person has changed, please let us know.  

If you are new to the Alberta Livestock Expo and would like to be added to our communication list, please contact me via email at or feel free to call or send a text message to 431-337-8726.  


Thank you!